Why I Changed the Name of My Blog

I admit that it’s unlikely you noticed that I changed the name of my blog from “Aligning Learning and Assessment” to “Rethinking Training” but I think the reason is important (and worthy of a blog post unto itself):

Reason 1: “Aligning Learning and Assessment” is so…. business-speak. Everything is aligned (or striving towards alignment) these days. In general I am very skeptical of the business-speak de jour. IMHO it is often a cover for fuzzy thinking – but that’s a rant for another day.

Reason 2: Rethinking Training is a pun, sort of. Thinking? Training? Get it? I like puns, though even I have to admit this one is pretty weak.

Reason 3: OK, the real reason:  My academic degree is in educational psychology though I spent most of my career in the related, but somewhat different, domain of assessment. Since the launch of Princeton Metrics last January I have spent the past 10 months re-immersing myself in the academic learning literature. The more I studied and the more I thought about what I was learning the more I came to realize that, advances in technology aside, we are pretty much using the same training paradigms we used a generation ago and ignoring all of the great advances that have been made over the past few decades in our understanding of how people actually learn.

It’s time to take a critical look at our training programs and apply these advances in the science of learning and science of assessment to improving them.

It’s time to rethink how we train.

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