The Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy

For many years in my workshops on creating fair, valid and reliable assessments I have taught the importance of writing questions at multiple Bloom’s Taxonomy levels to ensure that not all of the questions are written at the lowest (Knowledge) level:

Blooms Taxonomy

The truth is though that I’ve never been 100% comfortable with the original Bloom’s. In particular, I never understood why Evaluation was higher than Synthesis. Then several years ago I came across the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy created by Lorin Anderson — a former student of Bloom’s — and his collaborators:

Revised Blooms Taxonomy

Now this made a lot more sense to me. First, all of the nouns have been replaced by verbs (what we want the learner to do) and second Synthesis and Evaluation are flipped — and Synthesis has been renamed Creating. After all, we talk about creative geniuses, not evaluative geniuses.

Encountering the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy was one of those aha moments for me and I quickly revised my Workshop materials to reflect Anderson’s changes.

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