Welcome to the Intela Blog

We are pleased to launch the Intela blog a go-to resource for the latest ideas in learning. If you scroll through the blog you may be wondering how a new blog can already have dozens of postings. This is because one of the principals of Intela Learning has for several years been writing a blog under the name “Rethinking Training.” That blog was an evidenced-based view of what actually works in learning. If there was no evidence for it, we didn’t write about it.

This Intela blog will meet the same high standards. Most of this blog will be written by Intela staff but we also plan to have guest bloggers and interviews with prominent names in the field of learning.

Why move the blog? What’s Intela Learning all about? A little over a year ago we had the idea of taking the evidence-based learning strategies discussed in “Rethinking Training” and building a continuous learning software product that gives trainers access to tools that allow them to take advantage of these strategies.

So, for some of you, welcome to Rethinking Training’s new home. For others, we hope you will appreciate the clear thinking and writing that was a hallmark of the old blog, a standard we will continue.

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