Intela ™ Adds Confidence-Based Testing


Intela has now added confidence-based testing to its ever-growing list of Continuous Learning activities. This means, that in addition to mastery/certification testing, pre-post testing, adaptive questioning and other forms of assessment, you can now use Intela to measure learners’ confidence in their knowledge.

For those not familiar with the concept, the idea of confidence-based testing is simple: The premise is that it is not enough to know the material, but to perform your job you must also have confidence in your knowledge. This combination of knowledge and confidence is what leads to behavior change and job effectiveness.

Of course, it’s also possible to be knowledgeable and not confident, not-knowledgeable and not confident or, worst of all, not-knowledgeable and confident. This is usually represented by this chart:


Confidence Matrix

where each box is defined as:

Mastery: These are the people who are at the goal state. They both know the material and are confident in their ability to act on it.

Doubt: These learners know the material but are hesitant to act because they do not have confidence in their knowledge.

Uninformed: These learners neither know the material, nor are they confident in their knowledge. They are unlikely to act and, in fact, they have an accurate assessment of their own lack of knowledge.

Misinformed: These are the most dangerous employees. They are not knowledgeable but are confident, so they are likely to act on their misinformation. 

By measuring both knowledge and confidence, Intela helps you to identify the employees in each category so you can act to move everyone towards the goal state of Mastery.


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