Improving Job Performance with Microlearning

In this blog we write a lot about using microlearning to ensure long-term retention. Combining the spacing effect with the testing effect results in Retrieval Practice, which is the key to long term retention.

But there’s a second way to use microlearning that is at least as important.

Let’s think about some of the attributes of microlearning. Micro-nuggets are available:

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • On demand
  • On mobile devices

And, by definition, they are short and quick to consume.

So, a catalog of curated microlearning nuggets is an excellent place to store and retrieve job critical information such as job aids, marketing collateral, price lists (if appropriate), objection handlers (for sales reps), competitive company and product information, newsletters, customer interviews, new policies and checklists.


By a strict definition these might not count as “microlessons,” but they are an important part of the learning transfer process because they translate learning into job performance. An employee does not have to remember everything but if he/she can have access on demand that is just as good.


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