Webinars and Traditional eLearning are Fine, But They Are Not Enough

Prior to the current pandemic, corporate learning was a mixture of live and virtual training. Today, and for the foreseeable future, all learning is and will be virtual. So, it is important to know that while webinars and traditional eLearning can be effective, they are not enough to ensure knowledge retention and real-world application. You need to supplement your virtual learning with a continuous learning strategy.

Microlearning, properly designed and delivered, is the evidence-based key to long-term knowledge retention.

For five years Intela has been at the forefront of the microlearning movement. Intela Microlearning Services can help you develop and deliver microlearning that will have a positive impact on learning outcomes. Our services include:

  • Microlearning Strategy
  • Designing for Continuous Learning
  • Instructional Design to Foster Long-term Retention
  • Microlesson Development

Microlessons can be created from existing learning materials or as part of a new content development initiative.

Don’t have a microlearning platform? You can use ours.

Already have a microlearning platform? That’s fine, we’ll use yours.

Want to know more? Review our latest tip sheet: 10 Evidence-based Tips for Converting eLearning to Microlearning.

For additional helpful learning-focused information access the blog written by Dr. Steven Just, CLO of Intela Learning.

Contact Pete Sandford at psandford@intelalearning.com to learn how Intela Microlearning Services can help you make the most out of what microlearning offers.


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